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Inaugural Industry Workshop Launches Marine Systems Initiative at UBC

Over 120 delegates from industry, academia and the Canadian armed forces attended the UBC Marine Systems Initiative workshop on 15th March 2019 at UBC. This full-day event was the inaugural industry workshop for the recently announced Marine Systems Initiative that will focus on electrical and systems engineering aspects of naval architecture and marine engineering in collaboration with a consortium of industry partners. Guest speakers included Rear-Admiral C. P. Donovan from the Royal Canadian Navy, Major Andrea MacEachern from the Canadian Armed Forces, and Dr. John W. Rockway who retired from U.S. Navy SPAWAR.  Mark Oakes from Alion Science and Technology, Pascal Pelletier from L3 MAPPS, Dan McGreer from Vard Marine and Robert Louie from Vard Electro provided industry perspectives. UBC researchers were on hand to participate in the discussion and provide their perspectives. 

Dave Michelson, co-Director of MSI, left, and Jon Mickelson, co-Director of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering program at UBC, right, thank some of the guest speakers for their support, from left to right, Dr. John W. Rockway, Dan McGreer, Robert Louie, C. P. Donovan, Mark Oakes and Pascal Pelletier.

“The thing that impressed me was the fact that we all have common challenges for the industry,” said Robert Louie from VARD.  This was echoed by Rear-Admiral Donavan from RCN, saying “these are exactly the things that we are trying to understand, pursuing and questioning in the Royal Canadian Navy.” 

Presentations from the event are available for download here:


UBC Marine Systems Initiative _ Dave Michelson, UBC

Keynote 1 – Challenges of Canada’s Shipbuilding & Marine Sector

Challenges of Canada’s Shipbuilding & Marine Sector _ Robert Louie and Dan McGreer, VARD Electro and VARD Marine

Session 1 - Shipboard Power Systems

Shipboard Power Systems: Resilience of Integrated Systems: Quality of Mission (QoM) Index _ José R. Marti, UBC

Shipboard Power Systems: Characteristics and Research Directions _ Christine Chen and Juri Jatskevitch, UBC

Session 2 – Shipboard Communications & EMC

Shipboard Electromagnetic Compatibility _ Mark Oakes, Alion

Shipboard Personal Wireless Communications _ Dave Michelson, UBC

Keynote 2 – The Role of Electrical Engineers in Ship Design

The Role of Electrical Engineers in Ship Design _ John W. Rockway

Session 3 - Shipboard Environment and Human Factors

Shipboard Environment and Human Factors _ Andrea MacEachern, RCN

Designing for People _ Karon MacLean, UBC

 Session 4 – Shipboard Computing and Controls

Cybersecurity and Dependable Software _ Pascal Pelletier, L3 MAPPS

Shipboard Computing Systems _ Satish Gopalakrishnan, UBC